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Increase your conversion rates
Increase customer base
Low multiple negotiations
Wider customer reach

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Lead Management

Increase occupancy, automate the lead management process, grow your customer relationships, match sales-ready leads to the appropriate sales people.


Track sales opportunities, manage the sales process and generate proposals. Built-in process provides an aggregate view of account activity from the past, present and future.


Manage calendars , share availability, easily view events color-coded by status, type or location. Book and manage multiple spaces, venues, and sites all from one master calendar.


Assign resources and review stock alerts. Create detailed reports, work orders, and generate invoices. Receive alerts on changes as they take place.

How it works

Once you have registered, listing on Event Planning is just a four step process
1. List your venues on Event Planning
2. Connect to customers
3. Increase your business
4. You receive payment from Event Planning


Enjoy promotional rates for listing on Event Planning for a limited period only
No monthly subscription fee
Listing of venues absolutely free
Zero installation charges